Dance is movement and movement is life. To be alive, we have to move and what better way than dancing. You will find different styles of dance classes for all ages. Dance accompanies us, we feel it inside as a form of expression, celebration and life. We know that dance heals us, regenerates our energy, expands the present and connects us deeply with ourselves and easily with the community that shares it.


The ballet class focuses on ballet techniques (Vaganova, Balanchine and Royal Academy of Dance) and aims to teach this technique in a healthy way for each individual body. Students will study alignment technique, strength, balance, jumping, musicality and coordination, all from a perspective of joy and lightness.

N1: Basic ballet
N2: Basic/intermediate ballet
N3: Intermediate ballet

Contemporary dance

The contemporary dance class is a dynamic experience full of experimentation, movement, rhythm and physical expression. Each class is based on different elements, some more focused on technique and others on improvisation. However, the result is always an energetic class, full of movement, group awareness and body and artistic consciousness.

N1: Basic Contemporary
N2: Intermediate Contemporary

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Aimed at all those who are curious to explore different paths in the field of creation, we put emphasis on movement, but we venture into any artistic discipline that helps to find different tools of expression. We dive into the creative void to deepen the role of the performer. During the sessions, we form a regular and heterogeneous group, full of enthusiasm, energy and companionship, which allows us to work with comfort and freedom.

dance & yoga

The Dance & Yoga session is a combination of stretching, asanas, improvisation, mobility exercises, group games and moments of meditation and relaxation. We respect the bodies, their needs and individual rhythms. This class is designed to enjoy, connect, strengthen and listen to one's own needs without hurting oneself.

dance & yoga kids

In Dance & Yoga classes for children, we promote the importance of the body in education and the activation of body intelligence. Through movement, we help to connect with emotions and create more confident and connected bodies. Movement is related to imagination, coordination, strength, freedom, contact with others and listening. We seek to develop elastic, strong, attentive, connected and generous bodies and minds through dance and yoga.

4 to 6 years old - Wednesday 17:30h
6 to 8 years old - Monday 17:30h
8 to 12 years old - Thursdays 17:30h