Large Room

The study has 90m2It has a floating dance floor and a linoleum floor perfect for both dancing and yoga. It has mirrors, ballet bars, music equipment, mats, blocks and blankets. 30 people suitable for classes such as yoga, and about 15 for dance or classes with more movement.

25€/h - Personal rehearsals, non-profit
35€/h - Workshops, up to 10pax
45€/h - Workshops, more than 10pax

Small Room

 The study has 60m2It has a laminate floor, mirrors and stereo system. It also has a fitness machine, functional/personal training equipment as well as yoga mats, blankets and yoga blocks. 20 people suitable for classes such as yoga and 10 people for functional training.

20€/h - Personal rehearsals, non-profit
30€/h - Workshops, up to 10pax

Therapy Room

The room has 13m2laminate flooring and a desk. It also comes with or without a massage table and is perfect for consultations and more intimate treatments.



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