Through exercises, games and dynamics, we will work through pathways that integrate technique, improvisation and instantaneous composition, rooted in our mental, physical, and energetic receptivity and attention. At the beginning of the workshop we will work with simple exercises – floor work and partnering work – that can serve as a base to experience other essential elements. This will unfold into more more intricate collective and individual dynamics and phrases throughout the workshop. There is a focus on engaging a somatic, physical, relational and aesthetic experience that stimulates our collective creative potential and the intuitive intelligence of the body – a body that knows and explores unknown corporealities.

The workshop will include core elements such as: breath cycles, kinesphere, time-space awareness, weight and structure, the whole and its parts, contact, and gaze. By tuning into these basic principles we will expand our field of perception, with which we understand, intuit and discern our daily life and movement practice. We will work on these elements, incorporating them, through physical actions, excercises and short phrases, that help us to better understand and intuit each singular element and the integrity between them in our dance practice.

We will work and play with the awareness of gravity so that the weight of gravity will be a constant in our state of consciousness, between movement and stillness. Investigating our relationship with gravity includes: perceiving patterns, weight transfer, fears of falling, resistances, joint tension, the capacity to surrender to gravity with integrity, and to recycle and redirect our energy from a receptive and perceptive relationship with the physical forces. This allows us to work with a sense of continuity and flow of the external and internal movements that pass through all the edges and crevices of our sensing body, generating a range of movement qualities, from the sustained to the explosive. We will navigate between states of playfullness, intuition and risk, exploring the limits of our momement and creative potentials, with the intention of being fully present in time and space. For this, we will activate the senses and the active imagination.

With her artistic training and background coming from contemporary and modern dance, ballet, physical theatre, as well as the martial arts, in her current movement research and creation, Dasha Lavrennikov is inspired by a diversity of movement languages, techniques and practices including release technique, AxisSyllabus, Flying Low and Passing Through, Liquid body, Assymetrical Motion, physical theatre, Capoeira, Kalaripayatuu, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, play fight, street dances and folk dances, along with diverse somatic practices that she incorporates in the work of the classes.

Date: 21-22th September

Time: 11:00-14:00

Price: 50€

Registration: or 610202101