In these times the focus on the external is bigger than ever. How many have died? What is this virus? How does it infect us? What can we do to protect ourselves?
People are wearing masks, washing their hands with (toxic) hand sanitizers and isolate themselves in order to protect the fragile. I suppose every one is doing what they think is best, but I can’t help to wonder, how many people are actually thinking for themselves and making sure that they protect themselves and the weak in the long run? I start hearing about vaccines and I  felt like I needed to let out some steam…

“Good or bad, time will tell”, is a saying that comes out of a story Raquel tells her yoga students now and then. It is a beautiful message concluding in that we never know if an outcome will be good or bad. We can only try to make the most out of the situation and that’s the best we can do.
I very much agree about that, but during a recent discussion I realize that there is another level to it: Responsibility. Sure, we should always do the best we can. I think we always strive for that. But if what we are doing isn’t making us take more responsibility, I’d say we haven’t learned much from the action we have decided to take.
To put it in context: We all know that there is something out there making some of us very sick. So sick that people are dying. Which is very sad (not that people aren’t dying every day, but that’s another story). But what I feel is happening is that instead of looking inward to our own health and taking responsibility for it, realizing that if we keep ourselves healthier we can protect ourselves (and others indirectly) from a lot of problems, people still seem to want to find an easy way to out (mask, hand sanitizers and vaccines).
Covid-19 is supposedly a virus that creates a respiratory problems. More so in people with an already low immune system, people who are overweight, have heart disease and other lifestyle related issues. It is a virus that attacks the ones with weak bodies due to mostly easily preventable diseases. So if we now are so concerned about this virus and the ones in the risk zone, why don’t we take this opportunity to look inside, at our own situation and make sure we don’t end up in the risk zone ourselves one day?
I would hope to see less focus on the external circumstances and more focus on ourselves. I want to invite us to take responsibly for what we, ourselves, are creating right now and for the future. 

I hope we take this opportunity to quit smoking, clean up our diets, realize how little stuff we need to stay happy, how important nature and our health is. I hope we wake up and realize that we should switch to organic food, stop consuming sugar and stimulants, reduce the alcohol, call our parents to tell them we love them (and make sure they eat real food), go to bed in time, rise with the sun, detox, drink real water, move, do exercise and all the other things that we know we should do…

I am curious, will this situation make us take more responsibility for ourselves and our surrounding or will we when we get out, just get back to business as usual, hide behind old habits, external recommendations and toxic salvations.