The two forces that create and drive the Universe and all of life. They exist in nature and all around us, in each and every person, thing and phenomena.

Yin is represented by the black in the taijitu symbol. Yin is the night. It is anabolic, it accumulate. It is wet, cooling, slowing down, nurturing and creative.

Yang is represented by the white in the taijitu symbol. Yang is the day. It is catabolic, it breaks things down. It is dry, warming, speeding up, provoking and transformative. 

The two are opposites, yet they compliment and complete each other and cannot exist solely by themselves. You cannot know day without night, nor can you experience pleasure without pain, love without fear, brith without death. Together they create a whole.

These two forces are in constant flow, the one giving birth to the other and vise versa. The white circle within the black carries and represents the potential of yang within yin, and the black circle within the white carries and represents the potential of yin within yang. 

In these times of high uncertainty we might look around and only see destruction and fear. But we must try to remember that this is only a temporary expression of yang. When the time is right, when we are able to see things from a different perspective, we realize that yin is also there, within the tumult of yang. People might be scared, get sick, suffer and even die. But we are also slowing down, we are resting and giving birth for new things to come, new ways of sharing, living and hopefully, eventually also new ways of being.

Yin which is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest, governs digestion, elimination, growth and repair and makes us feel calm and connected. 

Yang is connected to the sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight, increases the heart rate and blood pressure, makes us feel stressed but also helps us to stay alive in dangerous situations. 

Which energy is more pronounced within yourself?

Good levels of stress keep the body healthy, but now a days many we are in a constant fight or flight response, because of the high levels of stress we experience or create for ourselves, that our body is not able to regenerate. Slowly day by day, week by week the body spends more energy than it is able to build up and this leads to overload on the adrenals, chronic fatigue, disrupt sleep, hormonal imbalances, illness and eventually premature death. Stress is the dis-ease of the modern world and is the root so many of problems and illnesses we are battling with. Slowing down, becoming more yin, taking time to reflect over the decisions we are making and the actions we are taking, is the only way to learn how to become more balanced. Balancing yin and yang is essential for health and wellbeing and moments like this invites us to revaluate how we are doing.

Like my teacher says, if you want to play hard, you also need to rest hard.

And the opposite goes as well! I for example have always been very yin, I am not an explosive person, I like to sit in front of the computer, to be calm and I get easily stressed. But I also know that my body loves the action, movement and thrill. I make myself get out there and move, I lift heavy things, exercise and take cold shower. Everything to stimulate and to balance the energies, myself and my nervous system.

The point is not to keep the two forces in a steady equilibrium, but to learn how to balance them in order for them to serve our dreams and goals. Sometimes we might need to be more yang to accomplish something and sometimes we might need a more yin to accomplish the exact same thing.

I hope you take the time to check in with yourself and your energies during the lockdown! 

Stay hole and healthy!

Much love,