Yin and Yang

The two forces that create and drive the Universe and all of life. They exist in nature and all around us, in each and every person, thing and phenomena. Yin is represented by the black in the taijitu symbol. Yin is the night. It is anabolic, it accumulate. It is wet, cooling, slowing down, nurturing […]


In these times the focus on the external is bigger than ever. How many have died? What is this virus? How does it infect us? What can we do to protect ourselves? People are wearing masks, washing their hands with (toxic) hand sanitizers and isolate themselves in order to protect the fragile. I suppose every […]

One Love!

Do you know what makes you happy? Do you have an overarching dream in your life? And are you living in line with that dream?One Love is the foundation of my coaching practice. Your One Love is your Dream or Goal; it gives you the drive to live and change. If we do not have a dream, finding the motivation […]