Dance, patterned and rhythmic bodily movements, usually performed to music, that serve as a form of communication or expression. Human beings express themselves naturally through movement. Dance is the transformation of ordinary functional and expressive movement into extraordinary movement for extraordinary purposes; even a common movement such as walking is performed in dance in a patterned way, perhaps in circles or to a special rhythm, and it occurs in a special context. Dance is movement and movement is life. To be alive we have to move and what better way than dancing. You will find different styles of dance classes for all ages.


Free ballet kids

Ballet is a movement technique that remind us that the body is long, elegant, agile, elastic and from that qualities and principles is how we work on the free ballet classes, together with the rhythm, coordination and imagination.

Contemporary Dance Kids & Teens

Children need to experiment, jump, run, touch, rotate, discover and so many more. The work of the body with soil, space and those around us are basic elements for the classes of contemporary / improvisación. Where we work imagination, coordination, strength, freedom, contact with others
etc …



The Ballet class is based on the ballet techniques ( Vaganova, Balanchine and Royal Academy of Dance) Our aim is to teach this technique from a healthy approach for each individual body, studying the alignment technique, strength, balance, jumps, musicality, coordination… All that from a perspective of joy and lightness.

Contemporary Dance

The contemporary dance class is dynamic, full of experimentation, movement, rhythm, physicality. Each class is based on different elements, some are more technical others are more improvisation based. But the result is an energetic class full of movement, group consciousness and body and artistic awareness.


Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:30

These classes are aimed to professionals of movement and people with a high physicality. Every week we change teachers, with the intention of discovering different techniques, styles, energies and people.