Exercising should be fun and that’s why Casa del Moviment is a playground for movement. The technique of each exercise is particularly important if we are recovering from an injury or have certain fitness goals and that is where a personal trainer comes in. Carl is a Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach trained in the Chek system with a very holistic approach to both exercise and living.


FUNCTIONAL TRAINING (canceled for now)

The Functional Training classes brings you a meticulous yet physical 60 minute whole body workout where you will work on technique, strength, balance, endurance and breath. You will learn how to squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, twist and move properly, preparing you for an active life full of functional movement!



The decontracting massage is used to relax the muscles in order to relieve tensions that stress, lack of rest or bad posture produce. The massage is not only highly recommended for people who train hard but for ordinary people who sits a lot at work, carry children or has postural issues. Since Carl is also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach he gives likes to give tips on how to strengthen and stretch the body as well as how to reduce inflammation through proper eating. Click here to book a massage of 30 or 60 minutes:



Whether you are into dancing, weight training, calisthenics, yoga or pilates, Personal Training is about creating a personalised program that fits every person. Trained in the Chek system, building on the 7 basic movement patterns, the trainings are adapted for every clients wishes and needs. Sessions are usually 60 minutes but for the experienced athlete they can be reduced to 30 minutes.

Click here to download a document with exercises for better posture



Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coaching is a unique way of looking at the problems that cause symptoms in any individual, by looking at the body from its links to the mind, emotions, lifestyle habits of the individual and diet and exercise.
Coaching is completed through questionnaires followed by one on one session’s with the aim to coach each individual through their problems, not treat any symptom.
A protocol is designed for each client and you will learn about your current state of health and given food plans specific to your primal pattern type, we also look at sleep patterns and create a personalised exercises program dependent on the current level of stress.

Click here to download some Holistic Lifestyle Tips