We are a team of highly skilled multifaceted professionals with vast experience in a large number of working environments
ranging all the way from pottery and plant nursing to hairdressing and esoteric soul retrieval.

From left to right:

Rafa – paella cook, ex police, massage, osteopathy and contemporary dance, Raquel – the boss, soon to be married, phone calls, jivamukti yoga, yoga/dansa, Martí – romantic, globetrotter, troubadour, contemporary dance, Dasha – russian/american spy, professional trainings, contemporary dance, Carl – wannabe boss, professional cleaner, massage, functional/personal training, holistic lifestyle coaching, Marie – flower basket designer, expressionist painter, jivamukti yoga, Gemma – boss’s sister, administration, loving mother, ballet, dansa y yoga niñ@s, yoga/dansa. Not on the picture: Fran – early bird, most reliable substitute teacher in the city, vinyasa yoga, Vicky – stand up paddle yogi from the land of tango, yoga basic, Sophie – professional sexy voice, kirtan lover, jivamukti yoga, Ines – prima ballerina, rock hard center, pilates

Raquel Miró is a freelancing contemporary dancer and Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Born in Barcelona she did her ballet training at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and has since then danced in Switzerland, London and Spain with different companies.

Yoga has slowly grown into her life and during the last 10 years she has been learning, practicing and teaching in different places. Her first training was in India and a few years later she did her 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in Munich, a technique she loves to teach and practice.

Raquel’s classes are energetic and physical with a good sense of humor and humility. Coming from a dance background she has vast knowledge about the body and human movement. Cool music and her helpful adjustments will accompany you through the vinyasa sequence. As well as a short talk about daily experiences with reference to yogic scriptures and chanting.

She feels very connected to the word Compassion, which includes love, peace and freedom from suffering for all beings everywhere. She also believes that life is a playground for us to enjoy, experiment with and love.

Since 3 years she teaches and runs Casa del Moviment. A center for dance, yoga and health in Sant Antoni, Barcelona.

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Carl Staaf

Carl Staaf is a freelancing dancer, personal trainer, massage therapist and holistic lifestyle coach. Born in Stockholm, Sweden he did his training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and after at Codarts University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He spent his professional dance career working in Switzerland with companies such as Cie. Jozsef Trefeli and Cie. Tabea Martin.

Since moving to Barcelona his focus has slowly shifted towards understanding and healing the body. As a massage therapist he not only tries to make his clients relax but he also tries to give advice when it comes to lifestyle, diet and training.

As a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach his main focus is to restore the balance in the body looking at posture, diet and lifestyle, organ function and mental habits. Movement, Diet, Rest and Thought are the 4 pillars that governs his coaching. Trained in the CHEK system he leaves no stone unturned and has a holistic approach to health and happiness.

Carl dreams about opening a retreat center out on the countryside one day with an organic garden, spaces for treatments and movement classes. A place where artist and people interested in a wholistic getaway can come to recharge their batteries and connect with their soul.

Gemma Miró trained in classical dance at the theater institute where she later joined the young company, IT dance, where she continued her training. She lived in the Netherlands where she apprenticed at the Nederlands dance theater II and as a dancer in the North Netherlands dance under the direction of Stephen Shropshire. She later she joined the Statheater Braunschweig with her in Jan Pusch and she goes she joined in various projects of choreographers such as Roy Assaf or Fernando Hernando Magadan.

During all these years she has explored and known various forms and techniques of body expression that she uses in her sessions where the connection with oneself and her body is fundamental. She is currently in her final year of degree in psychology, a path that she took years ago and is passionate about. She offers intermediate ballet and dance for children, she is passionate, patient, fun and very professional.

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Marie Montocchio was born in Cambrai, France, she graduated in landscape architecture after 4 years of studies at the Versailles School of Landscape. She has trained in plastic and visual arts at the School of Fine Arts in Dijon. She has a predilection for artistic expression through drawing, painting, photography, and video.

She is a great traveler, she has lived in Paris, Athens, Edinburgh and has finally decided to nest in Barcelona. Her work has been fed by the multicultural encounters that she has experienced.

Passionate about yoga, Marie is a certified Jivamukti teacher and is dedicated to transmitting this practical philosophy of life through her classes and the way of living of it. In her Jivamukti Yoga classes she creates a lot of peace and space so that each practitioner can expand and empower themselves from her sensitivity and humility.

Martí Güell is a dancer, choreographer, performer and actor. An artist who explores multiple forms of art. His work and interest is based on the contagion between dance, theater and performance.

Choreographer and dancer trained at the London Contemporary Dance School, his creative interests spread across various fields of art, flowing into a professional and affective studio developed in different exchanges with artists and companies from Spain, Switzerland, France, Holland, England, Brazil.

Martí generates his own works and artistic proposals, both in creating his own shows and offering movement workshops and sharing his practices for a wide and diverse audience. Martí Güell has extensive experience and personal and professional interest in the field of teaching. Convinced that creative and artistic education generates a very positive impact on personal and professional growth for students. He defends with conviction the idea of ​​transferring creative education to public educational institutions and building compulsory creative and artistic branches in the public education system.

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Francisco D Silva was born and raised the magical land of Chiapas, in the south of Mexico. He teaches Yoga for the contemporary body, a continuous evolving method, a mix of different styles and techniques creating a very special experience in which you connect with your breath in a deep way, shifting the experience into an emotional and spiritual space, This method is design to build a practice that endures through time preventing injuries and bad habits and yet still being fun, challenging and deep.
He also teaches Vinyasa Krama, which is based on lots of different sources of inspiration.

Dasha Lavrennikov

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Vicky Jamer

Vicky Jamer was born in Brazil, grew up in Argentina and graduated in Public Relations and Communication. She is an entrepreneurial spark in Barcelona. She is passionate about animals and life. She has studied 200 hours of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga at Grow Studio, 100 hours of Integral Yoga at Yoga Kai (Buenos Aires) and 25 hours of Sup Yoga at Sup Yoga Cat and is currently studying The Art of Teaching with Raquel Miró and other power teachers. Yoga for her is a ground wire, and through her project We Are Hona she combines her passions, yoga, art, events and communication. Creator of experiences of enjoyment and well-being, she teaches classes all over Barcelona, sharing her passion and vision of practice and enjoyment.