Experimental, pedagogical practices, artistic creation and community dynamization with a nucleus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Between 2013-2017, she lived in Rio de Janeiro, where she was an artist-in-residence at the Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) and the Marquinho Environmental Artistic Social Project in the Morro de Palacios favela. She co-founded the Entre Serras Project of Artistic Residency in Rural Spaces that began in 2015, and this year in 2021 she won the call for the Iberescena program, with an artistic commitment and community dynamization and pedagogical proposal in the nearby towns of Valle de Gamarra. He is also part of the International and Multidisciplinary Frontier Network of Artistic Pedagogics-focused on carrying out cultural and educational activities in peripheral areas of the city and rural areas. He was a teaching artist at the festival in Huaraz, Peru (2010) and Matão / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011). He is co-creator of the Fronteiras Gamarra Festival (2016) https://espacoluabranca.wixsite.com/fronteiras/histria. He currently lives in Barcelona where he continues with his research and artistic creation, working at the IAB-Institute of Arts Barcelona, ​​in Sitges. He has worked as a teacher at the Master in Performing Practices and Visual Culture in Madrid (2018), at ISLO Finland (2019-2020), and at the Franche Comté University (2020), and the Manufacture-Zoo (2020) assisting Cecilia Colacrai. She is the co-founder of the dance and live arts collective DuqLav Dance. She is also co-founder of the Artistic-Pedagogical Project between Spain and Portugal SOMA & Play with Felix Arjuna, with the collaboration of Cecilia Colacrai in 2019, Helena Martos in 2020 and Natalia Jimenez 2021. She is currently collaborating with CIA.FLESH-INMA MARIN on the project El Beso de la Muerte, a shared solo project ISO-Laters with Lindon Shimizu, and with Lucas Condro in Los Materiales. She is part of the collective of artist-teachers trained at the Casa del Moviment developing pedagogical and social projects, focused on a holistic, intercultural and intergenerational approach, in the local environment.Born in Moscow, Russia, she has dedicated more than 15 years to the dance, performance, curation and investigation of movement and living arts. Graduated in contemporary dance and international relations in the United States, Master in Performing Arts and Critical Thinking between Denmark, France and Spain, and PhD in Communication and Culture (UFRJ) 2018 in Brazil with a stay of artistic research and teaching in Moscow. She received the DanceWEB Jardin D ‘Europe scholarship 2012, as well as the Djerassi Artist Residence 2018 in the USA, the EV Largo das Artes Residence in Brazil, and the Metropolis 2020-Copenhagen and Zodiac 2020-Helsinki Artistic Residence, among others. She has worked as an interpreter and choreographer in various projects and spaces in theaters, alternative rooms, museums, galleries between Europe, Latin America, the United States, Russia and India with artists such as Lucas Condó, Cia Flesh – Inma Marin, Khosro Adibi, Pere Faura, Manuela Nogales, Manuel Cañadas, Parnab Mujerjee, Benoit Lechambre, David Dorfman, Live Arts Installations, Richard Colton among others. She collaborates as an artist, teacher and international curator at the MESA Institute http://institutomesa.org, an experimental platform for research, curation.