Dancer, choreographer, performer and actor, Martí is an artist who explores multiple forms of art. His work and interest is based on the contagion between dance, theater and performance. Choreographer and dancer trained at the London Contemporary Dance School, his creative interests spread across various fields of art, flowing into a professional and affective studio developed in different exchanges with artists and companies from Spain, Switzerland, France, Holland, England, Brazil. Martí generates his own works and artistic proposals, both in creating his own shows and offering movement workshops and sharing his practices for a wide and diverse audience. Martí Güell has extensive experience and personal and professional interest in the field of teaching. Convinced that creative and artistic education generates a very positive impact on personal and professional growth for students. He defends with conviction the idea of ​​transferring creative education to public educational institutions and building compulsory creative and artistic branches in the public education system. His experience in other European countries where this type of teaching is already carried out in schools, institutes and other public administrations, has been able to verify first-hand the benefit of students in learning from a creative approach, that the information that is shared is quesiona instead of just doing a memory exercise with the simple goal of hitting the required grade. Having personally attended both education in the public system and a university artistic education, he has simply reinforced in him the importance of how information is transmitted and what is the best way for students to receive, question, digest and maintain it. At the same time, understanding and valuing that each individual may need different paths to facilitate their learning journey.