Actor, dancer, performer, director and playwright. He trained for five years in drama and two more years in physical theater. All this learning time is combined with classes and workshops of different disciplines within the language of movement (butoh, CI, contemporary dance, capoeira and acrobatics). He creates his own physical theater company JAGAT MATA, with 6 works since 2008. In addition to all his creations, he dances for Mey Lin Bisogno for 4 years and for the improvisational dance company OMOS UNO another 4 years. He creates SEPARAME with Candelaria Antelo. He works with David Zambrano for a month on the improvisation project “Two songs for two humans”. He is a co-founder of EXIN, organizing workshops related to the movement in Europe, and collaborating with artists such as Meg Stuart, Mark Tompkins or Sara Shelton Mann. he Gives improvisation classes in Barcelona (LA GUERRERA) and physical theater. In 2019 he began to collaborate with Sabrina Gargano for the creation of the duo “A Ciegas”, currently active. He graduated in structural osteopathy and manual therapies. La Guerrera con Rafa is wild, daring, creative and improvised.