We are especially excited to announce the Art of Assisting workshop offered by Marie Montocchio and Raquel Miró. The workshop consists of sharing tools to assist your students during yoga classes in a safe and ergonomic way that favors your body and that of the practitioner.
How do we use our intuition, touch, weight and strength to hold, accompany, emphasize an asana (posture) and make that experience unique for each person and body? It is important to understand that we are all different and have different needs, from here we will observe and then act from a true and very present space.
Focused on Yoga practitioners, teachers who want to investigate and deepen their assistance and anyone who is curious about her and other bodies of her.
Saturday, November 20 – 11: 00-15: 00
11: 00-12: 30 Jivamukti Open class
12: 45-15: 00 How to assist in an effective, original and individual way
Reserve your place at info@casadelmoviment.com
Early bird: Before 20th September (€ 40) after (50 €)
Transfer to reserve a place:
Santander Bank
ES61 0075 0081 6706 0603 8187
or bizum by phone: 610 202 101

Art in Movement camp is a house to dance, discover, imagine, create, connect with nature and the group. Art activities from the movement, the theater, manual activities and others.

Dates: from 6 to 10 September

Hours: entrance (9-10h) departure (14h)

Price: 110 € x week (10% discount for siblings)

Languages: Català, English, Castellano

Facilitators: Gemma Miró and Elida Perez – @elidapl

Don’t run out of places! Book at: info@casadelmoviment.com

We are back with MOOOVE-Weekly Trainings in SEPTEMBER, dancing!

With the following artists – teachers

@ anna.katalin.nemeth


@ dasha.lavrennikov

@ Paul Guenot

The weekly #Moove trainings consist of the meeting of professionals, students and amateurs of the performing arts and movement research. The approach is to share and teach tools from a diversity of dance and body techniques and perspectives, incorporating improvisation, composition and somatic practices.

It is intended to offer a place of exchange to contribute to the articulation of the artistic and intercultural community of the city of Barcelona and to integrate emerging artists, opening up space for interdisciplinary experimentation.

After the training, the space will be left for the use of the participants so that they can share, create and experiment.

TRAININGS: Every Monday and Thursday from 11: 00-12: 30

OPEN ROOM: Every Monday and Thursday 12: 30- 13:30

To reserve send an email: entrenamentsetmanals@gmail.com

Price: Training + Open room

Single class: € 10

Pack of 5 classes: € 36 (You can use it for 2 months)

_ Cuerpos Elípticos meets The Space In Between _

From physicality – through dance, movement and contact – onto the philosophical exploration of human relations.

Through exercises, games and dynamics, we will work through pathways that integrate technique, training, improvisation, contact and instantaneous composition, rooted in our mental, physical, and energetic receptivity and attention. Giving the possibility for personal and grupal reflection starting from the most intuitive place, from the body,

At the beginning of each session we will work with simple exercises – chi, visualization, floor work and partnering work – that can serve as a base to experience other essential elements.

We will work and play with the awareness of gravity so that the weight of gravity will be a constant in our state of consciousness, between movement and stillness. Investigating our relationship with gravity includes: perceiving patterns, weight transfer, fears of falling, resistances, joint tension, the capacity to surrender to gravity with integrity, and to recycle and redirect our energy from a receptive and perceptive relationship with the physical forces. This allows us to work with a sense of continuity and flow of the external and internal movements that pass through all the edges and crevices of our sensing body.

We will navigate between states of playfulness, intuition and risk, exploring the limits of our movement and creative potentials. Listening to the body, developing trust in it, experiencing it as our own master. “Moving by necessity with trust, risk and presence.”

Price : 60 euros early bird / 75 after 20th September

Reservation and information at: entrenamentsetmanals@gmail.com

Casa del moviment is a multidisciplinary space where through Dance, Yoga, Health and Art we connect with our body and mind. We believe that all of these disciplines help us to be happier, to feel freer and to connect with ourselves and others. The body is our first way of communication. It
doesn’t matter who you are or what you know what to do, what matters is that you try to discover your infinite potential!


Dance for us is vibration, connection, breathing and freedom.


Before the children speak they sing. Before they write they draw.
As soon as they stand up they dance. Art is essential for human expression.
Phylicia Rashad