We return to the usual schedule where all classes are underway. We go back to the studio with the kids classes! We have added a Restorative Yoga class on Sundays at 18:00 with guest teachers. Restorative yoga is a therapeutic proposal based on Hatha Yoga postures, where the objective is relaxation, breathing and work with supports (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation).

Reserve your place for the classes (since we have limited capacity) by email or through the Open Client application. (better for the app)

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Sundays at 18:00 RESTORATIVE YOGA ✨🌗
Every Sunday different styles and guests.

Yin Yoga 18:00-19:15
Mantras (donation) 19:20-20:20 with Sofya (Eng) @sofya_loved_her_tree

Meditation with the body 18:00-19:30 con Karolina Kochanowska (Esp)

Yin Yoga 18:00-19:15
Mantras (donation) 19:20-20:20 with Sofya (Eng) @sofya_loved_her_tree

Restorative Yoga 18:00-19:30 with Anna (Esp) @yoganna.bcn

❤️ 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🙏🏼 💙 🌏

APRIL 25 ∆ 10:30 – 15:00
Place: @casadelmoviment

The retreats in your city are a face-to-face modality, which seek to provide you with all the love and knowledge of the community of BÔ move instructors for well-being.

You are working your body, your mind, and your spirit through different disciplines that will help you connect with yourself and with nature.

@ invida.natura


BREAK: Natural herbal tea and healthy snacks.


@ invida.nanatura

BÔ move
“If we are good, we do good”

Weekly trainings ~ Mooove ~ from the group of artists formed by @raquel_miro @ rafa.jagat @ dasha.lavrennikov @ gargano.sabrina @ marti.guell @carlstaafcoaching together with Casa del Moviment.

The weekly trainings consist of the meeting of professionals, students and fans of the performing arts and movement research. The approach is to share and teach tools from a diversity of body and dance techniques and perspectives, incorporating improvisation, composition and somatic practices.

We have 4 magnificent teachers that will share their passion in April: Daniel Staaf, silosmartesfueranviernes,  Dasha.lavrennikov , Edward Tamayo.

We offer a place of exchange to contribute to the articulation of the artistic and intercultural community of the city of Barcelona and integrate emerging artists, opening a space for interdisciplinary experimentation.After the training, the space will be left for the use of the participants so that they can share, Create and experiment.

TRAININGS: Every Monday and Thursday from 11: 00-12: 30

OPEN ROOM: Every Monday and Thursday 12: 30- 14: 00

To reserve send an email: entrenamentsetmanals@gmail.comPrice: Training + Open room

Drop in: € 9

Pack of 5 classes: € 35 (You can use it for 2 months)

LA GUERRERA (improvisation course)
Every Friday from 16:00 to 19:00  guided by Rafa Jagat and other guest artists. For more info on prices and others write to info@casadelmoviment.com

During these 8 sessions of 1h duration we will practice exercises that will help you discover strategies to feel well-being without it depending on external circumstances or what others do but on ourselves.It is not mandatory to participate in all sessions, Each practice will have a theme and you can choose the most suitable and interesting session for you.

First session: Tuesday 23.03.2021 at 20:00


Single class: € 12

Series of 8 workshops: € 80

Workshop “Introduction to mindfulness meditation “+ Cycle of 8 sessions 100 €

Students from La Casa have 5% discount

Casa del moviment is a multidisciplinary space where through Dance, Yoga, Health and Art we connect with our body and mind. We believe that all of these disciplines help us to be happier, to feel freer and to connect with ourselves and others. The body is our first way of communication. It
doesn’t matter who you are or what you know what to do, what matters is that you try to discover your infinite potential!


Dance for us is vibration, connection, breathing and freedom.


Before the children speak they sing. Before they write they draw.
As soon as they stand up they dance. Art is essential for human expression.
Phylicia Rashad