Yoga classes are based on the Hatha Vinyasa (flow) Yoga style where the body moves continuously, breath is present and there is an intention
behind each practice, which makes physical practice also become spiritual practice. Yoga helps us find peace, happiness and get rid of the emotional, mental and physical knots (granthis)


It is an integral style where with a vigorous asana practice (where strength, balance and flexibility are worked), the study of philosophy, sound and meditation, leads us to the path of enlightenment through compassion. towards all beings.
The Jivamukti Yoga method is a proprietary modern style of yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. The practice contains five central principles: shastra (writing), bhakti (devotion), ahimsā (non-violence, not harming), nāda (music ) and dhyana (meditation). Animal rights, veganism, environmentalism, and social activism are also emphasised. It is defined as hip yoga!


This class is based on the alignment of the body. We will learn how to perform asanas and how to use the props. We will learn to work on a smart and healthy way. Working also on the balance, strength, breathing and intention.


Through different asanas (yoga postures) and with the fundamental role of breathing in this type of practice, in Hatha Vinyasa classes we will create a space of awareness, openness and inner peace by playing with the tools offered by the breath , physical alignment, intention, fluidity or stillness. A personal workspace of physical, mental, emotional and energy transformation.